Against covid passports

"Covid passports are a dangerous precedent that leads to discrimination and segregation. Are these European values? I voted against. And many others voted against."

“Speaking of the countries of Southeast Europe (Western Balkans) on their way to the European Union, it has become clear in this crisis that Europe has less and less to offer them. Can high democratic standards be offered to them after Europe goes into urgent procedure of issuing a Covid passport without a public debate? Unfortunately, I saw quite enough of those urgent procedures in the Croatian Parliament. Could freedom of movement of Schengen be offered to them, after the introduction of the Covid passport, which is now undermined? This is a dangerous precedent that can lead to discrimination and segregation. Are these European values? The management of this corona crisis has already seriously undermined human rights. Can European standards be offered to these countries? If so, then why does the European Medical Agency approve vaccines without any independent studies, without any knowledge of the long-term effects? Unfortunately, that’s what we can see today. In this context, the decision of the Constitutional Court, for example, of Bosnia and Herzegovina, from that Southeast Europe, that wearing a mask is unconstitutional is superior then for many European decisions and institutions.”

Ivan Vilibor Sinčić
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