Choice over coercion. Freedom over fear.


“Greetings to all of you present here, greetings to all the people following us online. I am Ivan Vilibor Sinčić, Member of European Parliament representing Croatia. I am also a full member of Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee of European Parliament.

It is indeed a great honour to be with you here today in Italian Parliament, in Italian Senate. I must give a big THANK YOU to organizers of this extremely important event for which I believe it will be a turning point in addressing Covid treatment. And I must say that the place could not have been better. The parliament is a place of assembly and who is better to assemble these days than doctors with good news.

What we have here are many doctors and medical scientists from all over the world who are giving their testimonies about successful Covid treatments and successful Covid prevention. What you have are solutions and everybody must hear about these solutions. And good solutions they are – successful, simple and not expensive.

Unfortunately, it took some time for you good people to be heard by the politicians like this. If you have a different opinion it is not always easy to get some space in the media these days. Ignoring the evidence of many published studies and also ignoring expert medical advice from you doctors that have treated thousands of patients successfully was indeed a big mistake.

Since the beginning of this crisis I have been warning the public about irregularities that are happening. And there is one thing I am absolutely sure of – you cannot cure anyone with biased approach, fear and fear campaigns but you can with good intention and good science. As humans all of us must ensure that human rights and patients’ rights are respected and protected.

Citizens of Italy, of Croatia, Europe and the World have the right to choose their own therapy and the have the right to informed consent. They should not be denied any medical information.

What we need to end this crisis?

We need good science over cheap politics.

We need choice over coercion.

We need freedom over fear.

We must make sure that all the therapies and protocols are available to everybody. There must be options in every pharmacy and every hospital. And I as a Member of European Parlament I will do everything I can to inform other members of European Parliament about what has happened here in Rome. I would like to call you to be ready to testify in front of members of European Parlament as well in the near future. I am sure many would be interested.

I feel this is my duty and this my obligation. Thank you for your attention.”

Ivan Vilibor Sinčić
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