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Massive protest: citizens firmly against Covid measures – Covid certificate

MEP Ivan Vilibor Sinčić joined the massive protest on the main Zagreb square

Member of the European Parliament and the president of Human Shield party, Ivan Vilibor Sinčić, joined the massive protests against the Digital Covid Certificate (DGC) with his colleagues. The citizens began grouping in the different parts of the city and later started marching to the main Zagreb square.

Many tens of thousands of people flooded the Ban Josip Jelačić square where they send a clear message to the government – NO to Digital Covid Certificate, NO to segregation, NO to mandatory vaccines!

“The protest gathered people and organizations from various social layers, occupations and beliefs. That is all our people. Many came spontaneously or with their group. Among them, there is still not enough contact and networking, but that is rapidly changing.  We need to talk to each other – the more, the better. That’s the way to wipe away the fear, disbelief and prejudices”, said Sinčić.

He emphasized that grouping and getting together is the key, because only by working together we can fight for liberty and win. Individual must become a member of a group, groups must become movement. Movement must defeat policies that are being governed by puppet parties and politicians lobbyist of the pharmaceutical companies.

Croatian MEPs Ivan Vilibor Sinčić and Mislav Kolakušić
Sinčić with his colleagues and the mayor of Čabar Antonio Dražović
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