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Reply to the president of the Commission

The efficiency is the benefit. And there are also costs to the benefit. What are the costs?

“Thank you, dear colleagues, thank you for attending this press conference.

In the beginning I will reply to The President of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, who called for a debate on mandatory vaccination. The answer is simple. No, you cannot mandate this medical products.

And why you cannot mandate these medical products? Because data and science have shown us that these products are far, far, very far away from what was promised.

I will repeat it over and over again, on 25th of February, here in Brussels, in the European Parliament, there was a committee and seven directors, CEOs from major pharmaceutical companies, from Moderna, AstraZeneca, to Pfizer and Novavax, were there.

We as MEPs had the right to ask them questions about their medical products and they said it had extreme efficiency, 90-95%, all those high percentages. Nine months later, what do we see in the data, what do science and statistics show us? It shows us that the efficiency is far, far less then it was promised. This is the benefit.

The efficiency is the benefit. And there are also costs to the benefit. What are the costs? Costs are of course side effects. Every product has its side effects. So, what does the science tell us about the side effects?

That there are more reported side effects, adverse reactions, to these Covid vaccines than all the other vaccines combined in several decades. We have products of questionable quality, and this is why you cannot mandate them. You cannot mandate them.

When it comes to freedom, more and more I feel that our constitutional rights and our human rights have been kidnapped, and that we have to pay ransom, every 6 months, one year, we have to pay ransom to get our freedom back.

This is unacceptable. Our rights are unalienable, that means that no kidnapper can take them from us. It’s as simple as that. We accept nothing else.

I will make a short report on Croatia and Slovenia. As you know, as I said on the previous conference, with the beginning of November, Croatian government decided that public sector must have Digital Green Certificates (DGC) implemented.

As soon as this measure started to get implemented a huge resistance was offered on all levels and It still is there and It continues to rise.

So now, tomorrow, in Croatian parliament there will be a debate on a law that will make fines for all those who do not implement DGC in their institution, in their organization.

The Croatian government goes further with this repression, with this unconstitutional situation and of course, if von der Leyen tells them “implement mandatory vaccination in Croatia”, of course they will do it. They have always done whatever Brussels told them, no matter how illogical it was.

Ms. von der Leyen said that DGCs were a huge success. Well, this huge success was declared unconstitutional by Constitution Court of Slovenia just a few days ago.

The Constitutional Court of Slovenia, and I have to emphasize this because, as my colleague said, there is a lot of censorship and information like this spread very slowly, so I will make a special address here. So, the Constitutional Court of Slovenia, made a decision, made a ruling that the decision made by the government, which was btw. suspended up to few days ago, that the decision made by the government of Slovenia that only the vaccinated and the people who have recovered, can come to their jobs, to their workplace – that this decision by the government is unconstitutional.

It’s a huge victory for constitutional rights all over Europe.

This is one of the many different court rulings, on different levels: constitutional, lower levels, supreme courts etc. and we need much more rulings like this.

This is a clear confirmation that the laws are still in power, human rights are still in power, but you have to fight. You have to submit a lawsuit and you have to fight on the legal front, on activist front, on scientific front. This is what we are doing and what we will continue to do. Thank you!”

Ivan Vilibor Sinčić
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