Reporting on International Covid Summit to MEP in EP

“Thank you. So, we are going to the second point of our agenda. Thank you everybody for your attention.

I will explain what was happening in Rome this weekend. What we had in Rome was a three-day event, and there were many medical scientists, and physicians, doctors, present. Out of this three-day event, the second day, there was an entire day presentation in the Italian Senate, in the Italian Parliament, so it was on highest level possible.

I also have hopes that in the near future these doctors and scientists would be able to present their findings, their testimonies here in front of members of European Parliament.

We had about thirty doctors and medical scientists from Europe and around the world, who were presenting their therapies and protocols for Covid treatment, especially the early Covid treatment, and for Covid preventions. Some of them have very successful results, with zero dead people, zero patients and only a few hospitalizations among thousands of patients they have treated in the last eighteen months.

I believe that the people, the citizens of Europe have the right to choose their own therapy and that they have the right to informed consent. They have their patients’ rights. They should not be denied any medical information, especially not solutions, especially good solutions when they exist.

I believe that we must make sure that all the therapies and the protocols are available to everybody. Of course, I will not go very deep into medical science today, because it is neither my competence nor we have time to sum up the three-day event in just one report.

I believe that the solutions that we have seen are something that must be shared with everyone. They are successful, simple and not expensive. I personally spoke with many people who were present there and the doctors and the scientists would be very happy to share their experience in front of European Parliament as well.

As I said in the beginning, I believe that European Parliament should organize a conference as well, and of course perhaps this group, this committee, Expert European Health Group might do such a thing as well.

I ask only for one thing, that we listen to these people and hear what they have to say. I would just like to add to my report that I have here some materials; this is a list of doctors who were present there, who were speaking.

There is also a website, where you can see all the video materials, where you can see all the presentations from each of these doctors, and we of course have contacts with the organizers and with these physicians and medical scientists.

The congress or the summit finished yesterday, on Tuesday so there hasn’t been enough time to make a summary or some kind of systematic press release, but I believe we can make, for this group, we can make some kind of short summary what each of the doctors presented. Let’s say ten sentences of the most important part of their treatment, of their prevention, of their medications that were used.”

Ivan Vilibor Sinčić
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