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Unions stood up against the DGC and Kafkian situation in front of the work places

It would be funny if there were no violations of basic human rights.

Union Syndicale Federale brings together over 20 union organizations in EU and they collectively stood up against Covid certificate (DGC) at place of work.

Situation in front of the EU buildings in Strasbourg, Luxembourg and Bruxelles can be described as Kafkian. Staff members are trying to enter their place of work, but they are bit allowed to without the DGC, and to get the DGC, they need to go to the Medical Service, which is in the same building. That and many other examples, such as when the DGC from another Member State is not valid, even though they traveled to their place of work based on that certificate, are clear signs that the DGC is useless and counterproductive.  

Unvaccinated staff members have reported many unpleasant experiences. This would be almost funny if there was no violations of the basic human rights, such as right to work, protection of personal data and discrimination based on type of medical treatment. The syndicates are strongly against the DGC at the place of work.

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