Therapies and protocols must be available to everyone

“Thank you.

Problems with transparency along with effectiveness and the fact that we have zero long term safety data on the vaccines are undermining the vaccination campaign. And with every right.

There are other solutions and citizens and MEP-s need to hear about them as well.

A few days ago, a summit was held in Italian Parliament, in Italian Senate. What we had in Rome are about 30 physicians and medical scientists from Europe and all around the world, who were giving their testimonies about successful Covid treatments, especially early Covid treatment and Covid prevention.

The solutions they presented are successful, simple and not expensive.

Some of the doctors have treated several thousands of patients with only a few hospitalizations and zero deaths.

Citizens of Europe and the world have the right to choose their own therapy and no medical information should be denied from them.

We must ensure that all the therapies and protocols are available to everyone. There must be options in every pharmacy and every hospital.

I do hope, that in the near future, these doctors will be giving their testimonies in front of this parliament as well.

Thank you.”

Ivan Vilibor Sinčić
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