Crisis, corona and corruption

“Thank you very much, colleagues. Europe’s health policy will be marked by three things: crisis, corona and corruption. Corruption at a low level, at a medium level but also at a high level. It’s amazing news coming from Germany these days. Namely, these are the events from a year ago when the German Minister of the Interior, Seehofer, ordered scenarios of fear. Therefore, in the documents one can read, “raise the level of fear among the population”, “ensure the fear and obedience of the population”, “achieve mental and systemic control of the situation”. Why, if it’s really a pandemic, why this marketing of fear? Why attack both Germany and the peoples of Europe with this campaign of fear? And you knew that once you established a situation of fear in Germany, it would spread through the whole of Europe. Do you know what fear does to human health? Do you know what it does to human psychology? Mental health? What it does to human physiology? What does it do to children’s health? I don’t believe the stories of those who implement these measures that they really care about their health because they wouldn’t resort to fear campaigns.”

Ivan Vilibor Sinčić
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