If anything is a symbol of corona crisis, it is the mask

“Thank you very much colleagues. If anything is a symbol of the corona crisis, it is the mask. Whether you should wear a mask actually depends on whom you listen to and whom you trust. If we go back about a year, in February or March of 2020., when Corona came to Europe, we had various authorities, presidents, prime ministers, from Croatian to, I don’t know, to Macron, who were saying, “If you have no symptoms, if you are not sick, don’t wear a mask.” This was repeated all over Europe, and then in May, the story turned around and the mask became mandatory, penalties were introduced, and we came to this current situation. Therefore, it is obvious that at that point we started listening to someone else. This is primarily a political decision and question of who politics wants to listen to and what measures it wants to put in its own country. It is worth mentioning, for example, that the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, ruled that wearing masks was a violation of constitutional rights. Unlike „experts“ who are politically installed, we have a large number of world authorities who are skeptical about all this – about the crisis, about masks, about vaccines and who question whether this is a pandemic at all.”

Ivan Vilibor Sinčić
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