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Sinčić govorio na međunarodnoj konferenciji o prisilnom vađenju organa u Kini

Dana 24.2.2021. putem video veze održana je velika međunarodna konferencija o krađi organa u Kini po okriljem Komunističke partije Kine pod nazivom: “Conference on the CCP’s Forced Organ Harvesting”. Na konferenciji je uz niz svjetskih imena na polju borbe protiv kršenja ljudskih prava u Kini kao panelist sudjelovao i europarlamentarac Ivan Vilibor Sinčić.

Sinčić se okupljenima obratio sljedećim riječima:

“There is a huge gap between human rights and what we see in China in 21st century today.

China has shown systematic persecution against ethnic, political and religious minorities.

Recent events in Hong Kong witness of political oppression. Many Uighurs are in concentration camps suffering prosecution and medical experiments. Besides forced labour, imprisonment, concentration camps, and torture the worst by far is forced organ harvesting, sometimes even done in vivo – while the person is still alive and aware.

The group that is a common victim of forced organ harvesting are Falun Gong practitioners because they are often very healthy people – both physically and mentally.

This practice is lasting for decades with a lot of denial from Communist party of China. Two thirds of all transplant tourists go to China to have an organ replacement. While a patient has to spend years on a waiting list for transplantation in Europe it is only weeks and sometimes even days in China.

Of course it is impossible that Communist Party of China does not know or is not aware of this issue. They are very much involved. Forced organ harvesting is a tool to remove political opponents, it is a tool to make money and it is a tool to support the health system of China.

When I first heard about forced organ harvesting many years ago I was outraged as a human and sad because little to nothing is being done to stop it at high level politics.

Now I am happy to see that forced organ harvesting in China is being taken more and more serious with passing every day. The world must stand united in condemnation of this practice.

As a member of European Parliament I must say that for far too long has Europe been afraid of criticising China too much – because of economic benefits and huge trade deals. But this must end. People’s lives must be put first. It is time to stop fearing the Chinese economic power. Europe must take a strong position. The world must take a strong position.

There are also non-Chinese companies, companies from Europe, America and Asia that benefit from forced organ harvesting and organ trading. Unfortunately, many global brands are tied to forced labor in China. They need to be investigated and sanctions put upon them and their personnel.

It is time for the world to show strength and to condemn forced organ harvesting in China and of course everywhere else.”

Na konferenciji su sudjelovali ljudi iz 29 zemalja svijeta, a podupro ju je i velik broj raznih organizacija diljem svijeta koji se bave ovom tematikom – njih gotovo stotinu.

Govor Ivana Vilibora Sinčića počinje na 1:30:52


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