This whole crisis is not so much about health as it is about control

“Thank you very much, for a start one question for the chair of the Commission von der Leyen. Ms. von der Leyen, do you think it is in the interest of pharmaceutical companies that this crisis ever actually ends? This whole crisis is not so much about health as it is about control and money. If it were so much about health we would not be allowed to use diagnostic techniques that give us unreliable numbers of infected and dead, we would not delay tens of thousands of surgeries for cancer patients. Many diagnostic examinations that would detect the diseases would not be delayed, and lockdown and the campaign of fear would not devastate the mental health of our citizens, especially the youngest ones. There is so much talk about vaccine development and putting focus on the vaccine, and why not put at least some focus on cure development? Some countries around the world are developing a cure. Is a cheap and effective cure in the interest of the pharmaceutical industry or is there simply no money there? As far as control is concerned, in Croatia, for example, we have a situation where pensioners have refused to be vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine because there is simply not enough information on it. Now we are talking about control, about COVID passports. Are you going to restrict the travel and movement of these people because they refuse to put something in their body that you don’t even know what and how it will affect them? Is that ethical? Citizens must be able to choose their own treatment.”

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