What we cannot measure, we cannot even manage

“Colleagues, what we cannot measure, we cannot even manage. And I’m personally interested in numbers, and I’m interested in exact numbers. The Commission mentions here how many billions the first pharmaceutical company, the second pharmaceutical company and the third will receive for their production of vaccines. What interests me is why don’t you invest those billions in diagnostics? According to scientific research, the reliability of the PCR test depends on the number of amplification cycles. Above 35 cycles we have 97% false positive results. Many laboratories in Europe use 40 cycles and more. Because of poor diagnostics, colleagues, you have ruined many lives. Many could not work, many could not travel. They had to self-isolate. Automatically, as soon as you are positive you are immediately infected. Where is the logic? With 97% and more false positives. They couldn’t get treatment, they couldn’t go to hospitals and everything. So why don’t you in the Commission take care to adjust the number of cycles to 25 which is some sort of upper limit according to scientists, for reliability. I am interested in numbers, and without knowing the exact numbers, this crisis cannot be managed.”

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